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The Active Play Toolkit is a resource for Human Service Providers (the Influencer) to complement their existing services. The Toolkit is designed to help guide Influencer conversations with their Participants about the importance of physical activity to overall health and well-being.

Download the Active Play Toolkit here in its entire form or in sections. If you have comments on the effectiveness of these resources, would like a hardcopy, or would like to request an Active Grand presentation at your Human Service Provider organization (within Brantford, County of Brant and Six Nations), please contact us.

Active Play Toolkit


  • Key Messages
  • Physical Activity Inventory
  • Health & Well-being Benefits
  • Common Barriers
  • Physical Activity Planning
  • Follow-up Conversation
  • Website: Referral Tool

Influencer Resources

  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Connecting Physical Activity & Well-being
  • Note Pages

Participant Resources