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City of Brantford

All programs listed under this community are specific to residents within the City of Brantford. If you are a resident of another Active Grand community please select that specific community for information on programs available to you or visit the Shared Services tab for information on services specific to an organization or provider.
Arnold Anderson Sport Fund (AASF)
AASF is a not-for-profit group that provides grants to Brantford residents to assist with the cost of recreation programs (municipality and community organization run). For more information please see the information below.
Phone: (519) 759-8404
Fax: (519) 759-8405
Can We Help/Send a Kid to Camp
The City of Brantford Parks and Recreation department distributes funding to families who meet the set criteria. To set up a meeting or for more information please see the information below:
Phone: (519) 756-1500/ (519) 756-9900
Canadian Tire Jumpstart
The City of Brantford is an authorized local chapter for Jumpstart and distributes funding on behalf of the organization within this community. For more information on how to apply please see the information below:
Phone: (519) 756-1500/(519) 756-9900